Our Story


Day or night, sunny or grey, enjoy our all-day service.

We open our doors in 2002. Back then, our enthusiastic parents Jure and Katica worked hard to start the business and were the greatest teachers to us, two brothers, who are now after 15 years of keeping the adventure going still very professional and passionate about the job!

We can only be the most thankful to our parents for helping us out all these years.

We are located between Šibenik and Primošten, in a very special seaside place called Dolac. This is exactly what you need if you are looking for a very peaceful atmosphere for relaxation and getting away from all your worries and stresses.

We and the rest of the staff will do our best to help you in every need and most importantly, in every hunger and thirst. Bar and the restaurant are open from 10 am to 11pm, come and try our very cool drinks and super local dishes.

Cant wait to see you there.

Tonći & Jurica Fuštin